59-AS8A4682I am a senior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Graduating in May 2018, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Creative Computation and Computer Science.

I am looking to pursue a career in computational journalism and explore the intersections of storytelling and code.

Through coursework in my majors, I have learned different skills needed for the digital media world. I also am currently researching the British coverage of Brexit by using data mining techniques to collect data to visualize my results. I also know different programming languages such as Java, C++, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Last semester, I interned with The Dallas Morning News under the data and applications team where I created a python web scraper for a Trump Tracker as well as coded a d3.js chart on gun homicides in the Dallas area. In the past, I have worked on several publications such as the SMU Campus Weekly, the SMU Hilltopics and The Bear Facts. Through my position as Online Editor on the SMU Campus Weekly, I have experimented with digital publishing and incorporating multimedia with digital stories.

Through my work on these various student publications, I have practiced pitching, writing, gathering sources and publishing stories under tight deadlines. I have also learned how to publish stories and graphics on CMS applications such as WordPress.

Thank you for looking at my ePortfolio, and feel free to contact me at jacquelynrelias@gmail.com.